Feeling review

This excellent review is taken from today's Christchurch Press. 

FIONA PEARS Feeling (four stars)
Lyttelton-based violinist/composer Fiona Pears has an extraordinary skill - her ability to take typically rigid musical structures and breathe life and vitality into them until they capture you with pure pleasure. The international soloist and recording artist was working on this album when the earthquake hit on February 22, her husband Ian Tilley hit the save key on the computer at the exact moment the earthquake started. The track  Fire in the Orient is a particularly lively number. Another piece,  Mr Barnaby Jackson, is as beautiful as the beast which inspired it. The title track, Feeling, is easily one of the most exquisite pieces of music I've heard in a long time - it pours through you and enters your body at a cellular level, so achingly poignant you'd have to be inhuman not to feel its effect.

Download:  Theatre Royal Overture, Fire in the Orient, Feeling, Calm After the Storm. For fans of: Fiona Pears.


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