Memories of Home

Memories of Home by Fiona Pears

Release date: 2006

This, my third CD, was recorded at the start of 2006. I have travelled so much over the last three years and after living in London for most of the last two years I have composed a CD of musical memories from New Zealand and many other parts of the world. I love New Zealand and having lived there for most of my life I have many musical and life experiences to draw from when I am writing my music. I have also spent some time in Ireland where I formed a huge love of Celtic and Folk music.

I love many things about London and have been so lucky to have a wonderful home and friends there. I have written a lot of these tunes in London, (some of them sitting on my front doorstep in South West London!) I have also added a few of my latest favourites; Bolero, Cinema Paradiso and Hava Nagila.

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  1. Fire Fly - F. Pears
  2. Memories of Home - F. Pears
  3. Magic Sands - F. Pears
  4. Far Away - F. Pears
  5. Memories of Martin & Mary - F. Pears
  6. Cinema Paradiso - Ennio Morricone
  7. Tinker - F. Pears
  8. Green Hills of the Gumbie Men - F. Pears
  9. Hava Nagila - Trad. arr. Fiona Pears
  10. Fantasie Circus - F. Pears
  11. Saint Geraldo - F. Pears
  12. Bolero - Django Reindhart
  13. Gypsy Lament - F. Pears
  14. Not a Study - F. Pears