Doorways to Distant Lands Bonus Edition

Doorways to Distant Lands Bonus Edition by Fiona Pears

Release date: 2003

This, my second CD, was recorded in 2003 after backpacking around parts of Europe and Ireland. I describe a lot of this album as 'World Music'. There are again gypsy and jazz influences which can be heard throughout these original compositions.

For those of you who are gypsy music lovers, I hope you enjoy my arrangement of Brahms' 'Hungarian Dance no. 5'.

Note we have re-released the CD with two new exclusive live performances...

See full track list of Doorways to Distant Lands Bonus Edition

  1. Turkish Fantasie - F. Pears
  2. Down Boy - F. Pears
  3. The Zoo Keeper - F. Pears
  4. Memories of Martin and Mary - F. Pears
  5. Winter Flames - F. Pears
  6. Hungarian Dance No. 5 - Brahms arr. Fiona Pears
  7. Ode to the Cows - F. Pears
  8. Distant Lands - F. Pears
  9. Effortless - F. Pears
  10. First movement from Sonata - F. Pears
  11. Memories of M&M - Live from UK - F. Pears
  12. Dark Eyes - Live from NZ - F. Pears