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Hi everyone,

It feels like ages since I've written a blog. I guess time goes extra fast when one is having fun! The last few months have been a whirlwind of musical activity. Between finishing my brand new album, Swing Driven Thing, teaching my wonderful students, being invited to perform on the Queen Elizabeth world voyage and preparing to do Arts on Tour New Zealand, life has been a flurry! We had a rather exciting day a week ago when we left Busan (South Korea) on a Saturday morning, flew into Tokyo and then flew overnight back to Christchurch...just in time to have a quick shower at Christchurch international airport then zoom out to perform at the Waipara Wine and Food Festival! 

It is nice to have my feet back on the ground this week and take time to prepare for the upcoming tour. I'm particularly excited that this tour is a collaboration between myself, my husband Ian Tilley and the exciting Gypsy-Jazz guitar duo, La Petite Manouche. We have 18 shows over 4 weeks starting on April 4th. (Dates and booking details can be found on the gig diary page). It would be lovely to see some of you if you have a chance to come along to one of the shows.

For those of you who are interested, my new album, Swing Driven Thing, has just been released. This CD is a little different to my other releases. People have been asking me for years about recording a swing album. I’ve always loved the music of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli, and although I often play this music live, I haven’t recorded much of it until now. As always with my CDs, I like to have a mixture of styles to keep it interesting for the listener. So there’s everything from the beautiful Django piece, Nuages, my own arrangement of Duke Ellington’s famous, Caravan, right through to a few of my own compositions, including the more classical, More Than a Memory.

As you can see from the cover, this album is intended to be fun! I had a great time recording it and I hope you will hear this in the performances…

I wish you all the very best and I will stay in touch during the tour...

Fi xx

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JennyPaterson on 7th August 2014:

Hi Fiona,
    Ian and I still keep talking about the absolutely fantastic night we had with you and the guys at Cromwell in April. I bought your latest CD that night, and I have it playing in my car almost continually!!! It is SUPERB!! That night, I also bought the CD by “La Petite Manouche” which is also amazing!! Great blog…as always, it’s so good to read of all the wonderful gigs on your itinerary. You give everyone 100% enjoyment!! Cheers, Jenny Paterson.

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