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  • Jamming at Le Quecumbar, July 10th 2012.
  • Alfie Boe concert with Laura Wright. Thetford Forest UK, July 13th 2012.
  • Alfie Boe concert with Laura Wright. Thetford Forest UK, July 13th 2012.

'ello from London town!

Oh, life has been good to me!  I have been in London for nearly two weeks and have had the most amazing time. Lucky for me I did not suffer too much jet-lag so I have been feeling great and doing heaps of wonderful things. This was going to be a bit of a holiday break for me after a busy time in NZ but I have already done a session of recording, lots of practice and a concert since I have been here.

I was very excited to return to Le QuecumBar last week to join in their Tuesday night jam session. I have not been down there for years and I had such a wonderful time. For those of you who don't know Le QuecumBar, it is a wonderful French style gypsy jazz bar in Battersea; a little slice of music paradise for gypsy jazz lovers! My darling hubby took a little video clip of the jam session which we have added above so I hope you enjoy it. (Sorry, don't have a clue what the tune is, was just trying to fit in with the band...!) There are so many great musicians down there and it was a treat to play with them. I don't think I can resist going back there this week.

This weekend I played with Laura Wright at an Alfie Boe concert in Thetford Forest. It was a great day but I do wish I had my old wellies! Lovely mud and slush so it had a true UK festival vibe!

I am going to make the most of my last two weeks here in the UK with a few more gigs including playing with Laura at Ponty's festival in Wales. We are then having a little holiday break in Bath. My Grandad was from Bath so it will be lovely to visit some old family roots and do lots of sightseeing around this beautiful part of the UK.

When I get back to Christchurch I am straight back into work, (rehearsal the night I fly back... EEK!), and then lots of shows coming up so it is shaping up to be a busy and exciting 2012.

I hope you are all wonderful and thank you for visiting my Blog.


Fi xx

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